1. "I love him even we just meet for short time. I hate him but I really really miss him. I wanna meet him again and hold his heart very tight…"
  2. Yawn….Yawn….my favorite band will perfome in Indonesia 2015, wanna watch them!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Miss kyo-san voice *\(^o^)/* with Pradipta – View on Path.

  3. Yumyey!! – View on Path.

  4. What the hell this good girl go??

  5. My favorite quote #girlboss #nastygal #unamaruna #instagram

  6. Enjoying Sunday with inspiring book #girlboss #nastygal #unamaruna #instagram

  7. Start to read this book

  8. Yuk guys come ke gerai Ichitori di Central Park with Ratna, Ocha, and Devi – View on Path.

  9. Thanks Mvak Emms for last night —> gara2 duduk2 sama lo bule2 kece itu menengok sama gw #lalala with Emma – View on Path.

  10. I believe in miracle